Free VPN vs Paid VPN: Let’s Understand the Significant Differences

Free vs Paid VPN

When it comes to accessing any restricted content, we all look for VPNs. However, the market for VPNs is vast, and among the heap of VPNs, some are free while others come with subscription plans. So, which one to choose, Free or Paid?

I know the majority of the audience will go with the free, but is it a good idea? Or a paid VPN will be a better choice?

Let’s start the debate of free VPN vs paid VPN.

What is a Free VPN?

A VPN service provider that does not take any charges or ask for subscriptions from users is known as a free VPN. These VPNs are considered less reliable than premium VPNs since they lack a plethora of security features.

The Drawbacks of Using a Free VPN

Using free VPNs have plenty of downsides, and we have mentioned a few in brief:

1. They are Less Secure:

A VPN is used with the intention of enhancing the security of the device. However, a free VPN can work on the contrary, it is because managing a VPN service requires a proper infrastructure of servers, which they don’t have.

As a result, their security and encryption level decreases, and you may fall under the radar of hackers. 

2. Their Performance is Limited:

If you use free VPNs then you have to compromise the connection speed, which makes your streaming experience unpleasant. Plus, the cybersecurity features of free VPNs would be backdated in comparison to paid VPNs.

In a nutshell, using free VPNs over paid ones is like comparing an old Maruti car with the latest BMW model.

3. They Lack Privacy:

A VPN is used to get anonymity from online activities, i.e, a VPN hides our IP address, spoofs our location, and lets us enjoy the internet world without getting exposed. But, free VPNs do not give you such authority, as they sell your informative data to third-party applications, which means if you use free VPNs, your privacy is at high-risk.

Alongside these, there are several more potential drawbacks of using a free VPN service. Some of these include:

  1. Limited functionality: Free VPNs may not offer the same level of features and capabilities as paid VPNs.
  2. Data and bandwidth limits: Free VPNs may have limits on the amount of data you can use or the bandwidth you can access.
  3. Slow speeds: Free VPNs may not have the same level of resources as paid VPNs, which can lead to slower connection speeds.
  4. Malware and adware: Some free VPNs may include malware or adware that can harm your device or compromise your personal information.
  5. Showing ads: Free VPNs may show ads to generate revenue.
  6. Logging of usage data: Some free VPNs may log user data and share it with third parties.
  7. Limited server options: Free VPNs may have fewer server options compared to paid VPNs.

In summary, while free VPNs can be a convenient option, they may not offer the same level of security, features, and performance as paid VPNs.

Why Should We Prefer a Paid VPN Over Free VPNs?

In the debate of free VPN vs paid VPN, paid ones are given more priority because they tick all the boxes of users’ requirements. They take money from their users as a subscription charge and invest that amount in building great infrastructures, launching new features, and improving the workforce. Some of the top VPNs are NordVPN, Surfshark, and Atlas VPN.

A majority of paid VPNs are benefitted from their long-term users. They are the baseline of their revenue model and maintaining that user base is paid VPNs utmost priority. 

On the other hand, a free VPN doesn’t even come close to a paid service in terms of security, privacy, and speed. Free VPN has one and only advantage, it doesn’t take any charge from its user. People tend to go with something which is free and provides a workable experience, they don’t want high-end service.

However, if you go with paid VPNs, you can expect better connection speed, military-grade encryption, top-notch security, and plenty of advanced features. Additionally, there is no room for error with paid VPNs since they are committed to providing exceptional service, while there is a completely different story with free VPNs.

Advantages of Using a Paid VPN

It is pretty clear why shouldn’t we always go for free VPN, but in the agenda of free VPN vs paid VPN, why is paid VPN so reliable? What makes them worthy despite paying subscription charges? Let’s clear the doubt.

1. Robust Server Network Worldwide

Paid VPNs come with a huge number of servers across multiple nations. It allows users to access many services worldwide, plus the connection speed also remains stable.

2. Top Notch Privacy and Security

With paid VPNs, you can rest assured that your online activity is not getting monitored. Plus, surfing the internet with an active VPN, keeps your private data safe and away from cybercriminals.

3. Military Grade Encryption

Premium VPNs are equipped with end-to-end, AES 256-bit encryption, and various tunneling protocols. It prevents anyone from accessing your internet traffic, leaking sensitive information, and monitoring your internet activity.

4. Super Fast Connection Speed

Whether you want to enjoy streaming, browsing an unblocked website, playing online games, or performing P2P activities, a robust server of paid VPNs provides exceptional speed and gives you an amazing internet experience.

5. Access Geo-Restricted Services

Many countries like Iran, China, and Russia have blocked several social media platforms, and a paid VPN can easily bypass these geo-restrictions. So, whether you want to get unblocked from Tinder, or unblock your Omegle restrictions, a paid VPN is always a better choice for these.

Free VPN vs. Paid VPN: Comparison

Features Free VPN Paid VPN
256-bit AES
Log Policy
Keeps Log
Server Networks
Security and Privacy
Bypass Geo-Restrictions
Customer Support

Which Premium VPN You Should Choose for Extreme Security?

In this era, where the demand for VPNs is increasing, it can be a sophisticated task to find the best premium VPN that meets all your needs. But, I would strongly recommend going with NordVPN as it is one of the leading premium VPNs, and it is created by Nord Security.


Nord VPN contains more than 5500+ servers across 59 different nations. Moreover, it is loaded with top-notch security and privacy features, and you can use upto 6 devices at the same time.

Features that Make NordVPN a Prior Choice:

  • Kill-Switch: The kill-switch feature of NordVPN ensures your data is extremely safe and not getting exposed.
  • Dark Web Monitor: This feature immediately warns you if someone is leaking your sensitive information to the dark web.
  • Threat Protection: It helps you to browse malware rid websites without harming your system or device, and it blocks third-party access from tracking any activity.
  • Meshnet: The meshnet feature allows you to form private encryption for any device, and from any location.
  • DNS and IP Leak Protection: This feature spoofs your IP address and DNS from any online activity.

Wrapping it Up!

To conclude the war of words between free VPN vs paid VPN, it is a good idea to use free VPN but not always, you cannot bet your security and privacy to save a few chunks of money.

So, a paid VPN is the one-stop solution to browse the internet with utmost safety and keep yourself anonymous from any tracker. However, with the deck of paid VPNs, go with NordVPN always, since it is safe, affordable, and perfect for every user.

FAQs on Free VPN vs Paid VPN

Can I use free VPNs sometime?

Yes, you can but not always. If you want to unblock any weak platform which is geo-restricted, free VPNs are a good option to do so. Let’s be clear, not all free VPNs leak your private data, and if you want little protection while browsing public wifi and so on, you can go with free VPNs.

Are paid VPNs worthy?

The answer could be yes or no, and it depends on VPN. There are some paid VPNs that take a huge amount of money but provide very few features. However, VPNs like NordVPN, SurfShark, and Atlas VPN are some of the best premium VPNs, and they are worth every penny you spend.

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