How to Fix Fortnite Lags Easily in Just 4 Steps

Have you ever gone through any lag that ruins your Fortnite gaming experience?

Let’s be honest, we all have gone through it. But do you know, you can use some easy ways to fix the Fortnite lag? (We recommend using VPN)

👉👉Try VPN to Fix Fortnite Lags

Whether you are an ace player or a casual gamer, these simple methods will help you improve your gaming experience.

So, be prepared as in this guide, we will take you through every step on how to fix Fortnite lag.

Let’s dive in and get rid of Fortnite lag together so that it no longer holds you back!

Why Do Fortnite Lags?

Before we move on to ‘how to fix Fortnite lag’, we must know why it is lagging, and there are so many reasons that can occur Fortnite lag, but a few of the most common reasons are the following:

1. Older Drivers

Make sure your Fortnite experience isn’t hampered by outdated drivers, if it is not, then hopefully, this could be the main reason for your lag. Update the drivers of your network card and graphics hardware ASAP and then start playing. 

2. Slow Internet

A Lag-free Fortnite game needs a fast and dependable internet connection. If your game is lagging now and then, it is time to check your internet speed. Make sure you have enough bandwidth while playing Fortnite. 

3. Low-Spec Hardware

To enjoy the Fortnite game completely, you need certain requirements of hardware. And, your game might be interrupted if your device doesn’t fulfill the minimum system requirements. To fix this, consider upgrading your hardware or switching to a more compatible device.

4. Outdated Game Version

Fortnite is a game that is continuously changing, so it’s important to stay updated to prevent any kind of lag. Being updated to the most recent Fortnite version enhances overall gameplay and reduces lag-related irritations.

5. ISP Throttling

Your internet service provider (ISP) may throttle your connection if you are using a lot of bandwidth, which will eventually cause lag in Fortnite gaming. You can use a gaming VPN to avoid ISP throttling and protect your gaming activities from prying eyes.

What are the Ways to Fix Fortnite Lags?

Likewise, there are many reasons for Fortnite lagging, but we have many ways to get rid of it. However, we will go through the five most effective ways to fix Fortnite lags.

1. Use a VPN

A VPN can help Fortnite players experience less lag, and it is the best way to fix this problem.

Gaming lag can be annoying if your internet service provider (ISP) is slowing down your connection because of heavy bandwidth usage, and you can get rid of this problem by using a trusted VPN service to enhance your gaming experience.

A VPN swaps your IP address when you connect to a VPN server and fools your ISP to believe that you are accessing the internet from a different location. 

Quick Guide to Fix the Fortnite Lag by Using a VPN

  • Choose a reliable gaming VPN like NordVPN
  • Download and install the VPN app on your device.
  • Select the right VPN server.
  • Connect to the server and start playing Fortnite with zero lag.

2. Use a Hardwired Connection

We think that Wi-Fi is the best option for gaming, but actually, we are wrong. Disconnect your Wi-Fi connection, and connect your device to the internet via an Ethernet wire.

When you check your speed, Wi-Fi could appear to be fine, but there is more to it because phones and other devices can easily interfere with Wi-Fi, which causes interruptions. An Ethernet cable, on the other hand, offers a steady and persistent connection for lag-free gameplay. 

3. Choose the Correct Region

A lesser-known trick for optimizing your Fortnite gaming is manually switching your server region. You can experience a minimal lag of under 50 milliseconds (only 0.05 seconds) by selecting the server that is nearest to your location.

On the other hand, selecting a far-off server results in a significant 300-millisecond delay or one-third of a second. It is important to note that playing with friends who are located in different regions can result in automatic region-switching, which adds to lag. 

4. Change Your Device

If you have tried numerous tips to solve Fortnite lag and you are still having the problem, it’s because your gaming system doesn’t fulfill the minimum requirements for the game.

Fortnite is designed for PlayStation and Xbox systems, and there is no problem on these platforms. But, Nintendo Switch and mobile gamers frequently experience a lot of lagging issues. Furthermore, low-end PCs are not advised for use with Fortnite Battle Royale. You can use a device that has all the minimal requirements for Fortnite, to enjoy lag-free gaming.

5. Fixing Your Internet Connection

It’s important to look after the stability of your internet connection before diving into any other ways to fix the lag, especially if numerous people are using the same connection. Numerous websites, including Speedtest by Ookla, let you test and verify the dependability of your connection.

Fortnite lag is generally caused by an inconsistent internet connection, thus regular inspections are required. Visit the page, wait a few seconds for the test to complete, and then check your upload and download speeds along with the ping. You need a minimum of 3 Mbps download and 2 Mbps upload connections to play the game without lag. 

However, among all the methods we have tried and tested, we found using a VPN is the best way to get rid of any Fortnite lags.

Why VPN is the Best Way to Fix Fortnite Lags with Ease?

If you are searching for the ultimate solution on ‘how to fix Fortnite lag’, then VPN should be your one-stop solution. It is because thousands of people can be online at once in the game, which can cause busy and congested servers and difficult gameplay.

Using a gaming VPN you can dramatically minimize lag and experience smoother gameplay by switching to a less busy server.

A VPN also deals with ISP throttling, another major problem in lagging.

A VPN prevents your ISP from knowing your gaming activity, and as a result, it won’t restrict your gaming bandwidth.

What are the Best VPNs to Fix Fortnite Lags?

We have listed here a few of the best VPN providers that not only enhance gameplay but also enable you to play Fortnite from any location in the world.

Let’s check out the list:

1. NordVPN

nordvpn for gaming

Get ready to experience a thrilling game journey with NordVPN’s extraordinary power. It is one of the biggest and most trusted VPN companies as of now, and it contains a massive network of over 5700 servers distributed over nearly 60 countries. It’s the prime reason why this VPN is the best gaming VPN.

The superfast speed of NordVPN guarantees seamless gaming experiences.

Moreover, NordVPN offers a variety of top-notch security features to protect your online identity. With the help of this VPN, you can have six simultaneous connections. Plus, the 30-day money-back guarantee provides all new users with a chance to explore this VPNs potential. 


  • Top-notch security features
  • Fast connection speeds that help lag-free gaming
  • Robust server networks of 5700+ servers
  • It is one of the best gaming VPN 
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

2. SurfShark

surfshark VPN

Surf Shark offers a VPN service that doesn’t compromise on performance and is the ideal combination of cost-effectiveness and high standards. Plus, the VPN doesn’t have any maximum connection limit, so you can protect many devices in one subscription.

You will always get high-speed internet connections from Surfshark, which ensures lag-free gaming sessions. It also offers some robust security technologies to keep your online activities secure. However, Surfshark’s customer service is one of the best, and you can reach out to them anytime you want.


  • Unlimited simultaneous connections in one subscription
  • Lightning-fast connection speed
  • Easy-to-use application interface
  • Advanced security features
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

3. CyberGhost

The CyberGhost VPN is a well-known VPN service that is committed to improving your gaming experience. For lag-free gameplay, CyberGhost VPN optimizes your connection, and it provides excellent internet speed. It also avoids ISP throttling, which makes it perfect for Fortnite gameplay.

Your IP address is also spoofed when you use the CyberGhost VPN. It adds an extra layer of protection and anonymity. Although the VPN is renowned for its speed and security, it also prioritizes customer service. CyberGhost VPN offers a variety of subscription packages with prices starting at just $2.29 per month, and it is an affordable option for all gamers.


  • Large server base across multiple nations
  • Dedicated servers for gaming
  • User-friendly interface
  • Top-notch security features
  • 45-day money-back guarantee


So, here we discussed ‘how to fix Fortnite lag’, and got to know about a few best methods to fix it. However, using a reliable VPN stands out as our primary solution that deals with several lag-related problems, and enhances your gaming experience.

You may have the best Fortnite gaming experience and fully immerse yourself in the action-packed world of battle royale by using a VPN like NordVPN.


1. Why is my Fortnite so laggy?

Well, Fortnite often lags because of multiple reasons, and we have mentioned all the high-possible reasons. You may try out the solution we provided to get rid of this lag.

2. How do I reduce Fortnite lags?

To reduce the lag, first, you need to know why it is lagging, and then you can take action. However, using a reliable VPN is the ultimate solution to reduce Fortnite lag.

3. Which VPN is best for Fortnite gaming?

All the VPNs we mentioned here are the best gaming VPNs, however, you can try out NordVPN to enhance the gaming experience.

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