How to Tell if Your iPhone is Hacked

How to Tell if Your iPhone Has Been Hacked

Note: To ensure the safety and security of your iPhone, it is recommended to use a VPN service such as NordVPN. A VPN can provide an additional layer of protection against potential hacking attempts.

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Let’s come to the topic…

You’ve just upgraded to the new iPhone X and are eager to start using all its features. But as you enter your passwords and other sensitive information, you start to wonder: is my iPhone really secure?

It’s a valid question and one that’s especially important to consider if you use your phone for work or store personal data on it..

So how to tell if your iPhone is hacked? Below we’ll show you some simple steps to help you find out—and keep your information safe.

What is a Hacked iPhone?

A hacked iPhone has been infiltrated by a hacker, who may have access to all of your personal information—including your contacts, messages, and emails.

If you’re concerned that your iPhone may have been hacked, there are a few things you can do to check. In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to tell if your iPhone is hacked, and what you can do to protect yourself.

How Do I Know if My iPhone is Hacked?

There are a few telltale signs that your iPhone might have been hacked. We have mentioned a few signs that tell your iPhone is in danger.

  • You see unusual activity on your iPhone: 

The first and foremost sign you will notice some unusual activities on your iPhone. For example, you can see the battery is draining faster than usual, some unexpected pop-ups appear with unwanted ads, and the iPhone is running slower than its normal speed. When you see these alarming signs on your iPhone it’s high time to take action since your phone is at risk. 

  •  You notice unfamiliar applications on your iPhone:

Another way to know if your iPhone has been hacked is to see unwanted applications on your device. If you notice applications that you did not install or authorize, it could be a sign that your device has been compromised. 

It is important to keep in mind that even if the unwanted apps are not harmful, they may still be using resources on your device and consuming data in the background. Removing them can help improve your device’s performance.

  • Your battery is draining faster:

When you feel that your iPhone has been hacked, you will notice that your device’s battery is draining too soon. This could be an indication that your device has been compromised and a hacker may be using your phone to run apps or access the internet. 

It’s important to note that many apps running in the background or using the internet can consume a lot of battery, some of them could be legitimate, but it’s recommended to investigate any apps that are consuming an abnormal amount of battery.

  • Your iPhone performance has decreased:

If your iPhone has been hacked is if you notice that your device is running slower than normal. A hacked iPhone may run more slowly than usual due to the hacker using your device’s resources.

A slow-running device could be caused by many factors, such as lack of storage, outdated software, or too many background apps running. It’s recommended to investigate the cause of the slow performance, by checking the storage, updating your device, and closing background apps.

  • You are receiving unwanted messages or emails:

When you start receiving unwanted emails or messages from unknown numbers, or messages that contain some links, it gives you an indication that your iPhone’s security might have been breached. 

A hacker may use your device to send out spam messages or emails, which can be dangerous. It’s also recommended to change your passwords for all accounts that have been compromised, and enable two-factor authentication if it’s available.

What Are the Signs My iPhone is Hacked?

It can be tough to tell if your iPhone is hacked. After all, a hacker wants to stay undetected, so they may cover their tracks well. However, there are some signs you can look for.

For starters, if your iphone is hacked, you may notice sudden changes in your phone’s behavior patterns. You might start receiving strange texts or emails from people you don’t know, or your phone might start autocorrecting words in unusual ways. 

Your battery might also drain more quickly than usual, or your phone might get unusually hot. If you experience any of these symptoms, it’s a good idea to check to see if your iPhone is compromised. There are a few things you can do to figure it out.

What Should I Do if I Think My iPhone is Hacked?

If you think that your iPhone is hacked, the first step is to check if you have any suspicious apps installed on your phone. If you notice any apps that shouldn’t be there or are not installed by you, delete them immediately.

  • You can update all of your apps and operating systems too. This will tell you what apps need to be updated, as well as if any security patches need to be installed for the operating system itself.
  • Even after doing these, the problem doesn’t disappear, it’s time to factory reset your iPhone. You need to take a backup of all the important data to draw down the inconvenience of factory resetting the iPhone.
  • Now after clearing all the suspected files and malware, it’s high time to invest in iPhone security. I recommend using a virtual private network (VPN) because VPN has many more benefits. So you should know the top benefits of a VPN on an iPhone. This will help keep all of your online activity encrypted and hidden from third-party monitoring tools. There are many good VPNs available on the App Store, but I would suggest you go with NordVPN.

Top Tips for Protecting Your iPhone From Hacking

Your iPhone is your superior device, so it’s important to keep it secure. Here are a few top tips for protecting your device from hacking:

  • Be wary of suspicious emails, texts, and unknown messages that could potentially contain malware. Always double-check the source before clicking any links.
  • Use a password manager to create and store complex passwords for all your apps and services – this will make them harder to crack.
  • Make sure you update your software regularly with the latest security patches, as they can help protect against potential threats.
  • Don’t connect to public Wi-Fi networks without taking extra precautions, as these networks can be easily hacked.
  • Start using VPNs to keep your online activity anonymous, as the internet is a prime platform where an iPhone may get hacked.

Following these basic security measures will help ensure your data is kept safe and your iPhone stays secure.

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  • It also supports up to 6 devices connected simultaneously, so it’s perfect if you want to cover multiple phones or computers.


An iPhone comes with the utmost security, and it runs applications in a sandboxed environment. It becomes extremely difficult for hackers to hack an iPhone’s security, however, exceptional cases are always there on the radar.  So, how to tell if your phone is hacked? Well, we have explained everything in detail, and we hope that now you won’t be that rare victim whose iPhone can get hacked.

FAQ - How to Tell if Your iPhone is Hacked

Can my iPhone Get Hacked?

Yes, it can be hacked. If your iPhone is connected to any insecure internet connections or public wifi networks for a long time, the chances of your iPhone getting hacked increase. Moreover, if you use applications that don’t contain top-notch security, it creates a loophole in your iPhone that allows hackers to access your iPhone’s security.

Is there a way to Tell who Hacked my Device?

It can be difficult to know exactly who hacked your device because a hacker could potentially be using a proxy server or other methods to remain anonymous. However, if you're able to identify suspicious activity like pop-up ads or unexpected service charges, it may help you figure out which malicious actor is behind it.

What should I do if My iphone has been hacked?

The best thing to do is to scan your device with antivirus software so that any malicious programs can be removed from your phone. After that, change all of your passwords and enable two-factor authentication on the accounts linked to your device.

How can I Make my iPhone More Secure?

An iPhone is fulfilled with top-notch security, but some hackers can bypass that security too. Using a premium VPN like NordVPN on your iPhone enhances the security by manifolds, and provides a fearless experience of surfing the internet.

How do you Know your iPhone is Hacked?

You will start receiving plenty of unwanted messages from unwanted numbers. Moreover, it will respond slower than usual, and more internet data will be consumed by the iPhone. 

What Happens if your iPhone is Hacked?

When an iPhone is hacked it starts to respond slowly, the battery will overheat, you will start receiving unwanted messages from unknown numbers, and you will notice some apps in your iPhone that you have never installed.

Can you Get Rid of a Hacker on your iPhone?

Yes, plenty of good habits can keep you away from a hacker on your iPhone. You can stop using public wifi if it is not necessary, delete those apps which are of no use, keep your iPhone and apps updated, resetting your iPhone time-to-time and invest in trustable VPN like NordVPN and Surfshark for strong security. 

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