How to Watch YouTube TV in Mexico? [Solved]

How to Watch YouTube TV in Maxico

YouTube TV is an amazing way to cut out the cost of cable connection, but the twist is that it is only accessible in the US. So, imagine you are from Mexico, and you want to experience this amazing concept, how would you do that? Well, VPN is the one-stop solution for this.

You may think, “What is a VPN?” at this point. It can spoof your location, and make the administrator think that you are in the United States even though you are actually in Mexico. Isn’t it nice? But, how to watch YouTube TV in Mexico by using a VPN?

Let’s find it out!

What is YouTube TV?

YouTube TV is a live TV streaming service with over 100 live TV channels, including sports, news, and entertainment. You can use this on a tablet, phone, PC, or TV. You may also record your favourite films and TV series on YouTube TV and watch them later with the help of its cloud-based DVR, which offers infinite storage capacity.

For cord-cutters who want to watch live TV without paying for a cable or satellite subscription, YouTube TV is a good choice. It is also an amazing option for those who want to watch live TV across several platforms.

YouTube TV is currently accessible in the US only, and the standard plan costs around $50.99/month. You may also add premium add-on networks like HBO Max and Showtime, but for that, you will have to pay more.

Ways to Watch YouTube TV in Mexico?

We learned that YouTube TV is only available in the US region, so to watch YouTube TV in Mexico, you need to find some alternatives for this, and we have done that for you. Here’s how to watch YouTube TV in Mexico

1. Using a VPN

To watch or access YouTube TV in Mexico, a VPN is the most dependable and efficient option. With a VPN, your online activity is encrypted and routed via a server located in a different country. This gives the impression that you are in another country, and that’s why it eventually enables you to access geo-restricted services like YouTube TV.

Steps to Use VPN for Watching YouTube TV in Mexico:

  • Enroll in a VPN service which is compatible with YouTube TV. You may choose among some of the best VPNs like NordVPN and SurfShark.
  • Install the VPN app on your smartphone after downloading it.
  • Open the VPN and connect to the US server.
  • Launch the YouTube TV app, then register yourself, if you are already registered then choose the sign-in option.
  • You are all set to watch your favorite movies and television series now on YouTube TV!

2. Using a Smart DNS Service

Another method to watch YouTube TV in Mexico is by using a smart DNS service. You can access any geo-restricted websites and services by using a smart DNS service, which actually modifies your DNS settings.

Follow These Steps to Watch YouTube TV in Mexico by Using a Smart DNS Service:

  • Enroll yourself in a smart DNS provider, and it is better to go with SmartDNSProxy.
  • Set up your device to make use of the smart DNS service.
  • Launch the YouTube TV app, and then register or sign in.
  • You can now watch your favorite television series now!

3. Using a Proxy Server

A proxy server works as a middleman between your device and the internet. When you use a proxy server, your traffic is routed through the proxy server and it makes the administrator think that you are somewhere else.

Follow These Steps to Use a Proxy Server:

  • Find a proxy server that is based in America.
  • Set up your phone, PC, or TV to make use of the proxy server.
  • Now you have to register or sign in to YouTube TV.
  • After you are done with registration, you can enjoy watching YouTube TV.

So, among the above-mentioned methods, VPN comes out as the best option for watching YouTube in Mexico. This is because VPNs are more dependable and efficient than other options like proxy servers and smart DNS services. Some more advantages of VPNs include traffic encryption and privacy protection. Let’s find out why choose a VPN to watch YouTube TV in Mexico.

Why Use a VPN to Watch YouTube TV in Mexico?

Despite having plenty of ways to watch YouTube TV in Mexico, why should you go for a VPN only? Well, A VPN helps you to easily bypass the restriction that tells you that you can only view YouTube TV in the United States, it functions similarly to a hidden internet tunnel, and your location is eventually spoofed.

If you try to watch YouTube TV from Mexico without using a VPN, you may see an error like, “It appears that you are not in the United States.” It clearly says that you won’t be able to watch anything because YouTube TV is only accessible in the US.

But VPN makes the thing interesting by hiding your actual identity and location. Suppose, you are in Mexico, and you are connected to a VPN’s dedicated US server. It actually makes you appear to be in the United States.

In this way, YouTube TV will detect you as a United States citizen and will allow you to watch it from Mexico. So, it doesn’t matter where you are, VPN is a quick and simple method to watch all the episodes of your favorite shows on YouTube TV.

Therefore, without any worries, choose a reliable VPN, connect to a US server, and enjoy YouTube TV in Mexico!

Top VPNs to Watch YouTube TV in Mexico?

We got the answer to how to watch YouTube TV in Mexico, and that’s a VPN of course! But, VPN has a large market, and there are so many players in the internet world. So, the question arises which VPN will be the best for watching YouTube TV in Mexico? To make things easier for you, we have listed out a few top VPNs.

1. NordVPN


When it comes to internet security, NordVPN is the superhero. It has more than 5,000 servers worldwide, and most of them are located in the US. NordVPN has everything for you, be it file sharing, anonymous internet browsing via Tor, or gaming without having to worry about harmful DDoS attacks. 

However, the speed of this VPN makes it the ideal choice for streaming your favorite TV series and videos online. You can use NordVPN to unblock streaming services like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Disney Plus, and even YouTube TV, it doesn’t matter from where you are browsing.

It protects your data with 256-bit encryption, which is like an impenetrable wall. Alongside this, it offers many more great security features like a kill switch, a dual VPN, an automatic ad blocker, a virus scanner, and defense against suspicious activities like DNS leaks, WebRTC, and IPv6.

The best part is that NordVPN doesn’t maintain any logs of everything you do online. And, it supports many platforms, including Windows, Android, MacOS, iOS, and Linux easily.


  • Extremely fast speeds for excellent streaming
  • Top-notch security and privacy with robust encryption and no data logs
  • You can connect up to six devices simultaneously
  • The application is easily accessible on iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, and Linux platforms


  • Occasionally connection drops
  • Some users may find the Desktop app takes some times to load
surfshark vpn

If you are thinking of how to watch YouTube TV in Mexico, SurfShark can be your one–stop choice. The VPN has more than 3,200 servers spread across more than 65 countries, including several US cities. You can stream YouTube TV and other services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video from anywhere at any time.

You can connect unlimited devices at one go, and it will help you stream and browse the web while keeping all of your devices secure. Surfshark also encrypts your internet activity with a strong 256-bit key encryption technique, that makes your internet browsing extremely secure. 

It has some complicated technology to jumble your internet traffic so that no one can spy on you, and a “kill switch” is always there to keep you safe even when your connection drops. Moreover, it protects you against risky stuff like DNS leaks, WebRTC, and IPv6.

Surfshark is compatible with Linux, Mac OS X, Android, Windows, and iOS. Plus, you can manually configure it, if you have a compatible wireless router. In simple words, we can say Surfshark is your reliable lifeguard in the internet world.


  • Suitable with the majority of streaming providers, like YouTube TV
  • Superfast speed for smooth live broadcasting
  • Take care of the importance of your privacy and online safety
  • No-log policy
  • Unlimited connections


  • Customer service can be improved
  • Some regions have a limited number of servers, which could impact the quality of the connection

CyberGhost is a VPN genie. One of its unique features allows you to select a server for a particular type of use, such as streaming or browsing. It offers more than 1,100 fast servers in the US and over 7,000 fast servers worldwide.

The best aspect is that you can connect up to seven devices simultaneously. It encrypts your data with an extremely powerful 256-bit encryption and includes several safeguards, including port forwarding, DNS, IPv6, and WebRTC leak protection, to make your online experience safe. 

Plus, there is an ad-blocker, a scanner to keep you safe from harmful viruses, and a kill switch that functions as your personal protector. The best thing is that CyberGhost deletes all personally identifiable information. Moreover, you can pay with Bitcoin for the highest level of anonymity.

CyberGhost provides you with an application for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac OS. To put it more simply, CyberGhost is your magical stick on the internet, which helps you to be safe and provides you with full opportunities to explore.


  • Easy-to-use apps that are suitable for beginners too
  • Excellent streaming speed
  • Robust security protocols, such as separate IP addresses and no data logs
  • Supports well with the majority of streaming services such as BBC iPlayer, US Netflix, and YouTube TV


  • It lacks many advanced features
  • Ineffective in China

If you are looking for how to watch YouTube TV in Mexico, consider Atlas VPN to be your reliable protector. It has more than 750 servers spread across 45 nations, including the US. It is really quick, so you can watch live TV on fuboTV, Hulu, or YouTube TV without any interruptions. You can connect multiple devices with the help of this VPN.

Atlas VPN takes your online privacy very seriously. It provides a kill switch to keep you safe when your internet connection breaks and it also comes with 256-bit AES encryption, which is a powerful shield. 

Furthermore, it won’t retain any of your online activities, so your privacy is like a treasure chest that is locked. With apps available for Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android, Atlas VPN is incredibly simple to use on a computer or mobile device. 


  • The VPN works well with the majority of streaming services, including YouTube TV
  • There is no limit on connections
  • It offers excellent privacy and security


  • It doesn’t support Linux and routers
  • You have to write an email if you don’t want to take the subscription


How can I watch YouTube TV internationally?

VPN is the ultimate choice to watch YouTube TV from anywhere in the world. It spoofs your identity and location and makes you appear in the US region.

Which VPN to watch for watching YouTube TV in Mexico?

Though there are many VPN players in the market, NordVPN appears as the top contender, as it provides many features. 


Ultimately, the answer to how to watch YouTube TV in Mexico is VPN. There is a VPN named NordVPN out there that provides anything from fast streaming to strong security. So, to watch YouTube TV and other online entertainment from anywhere in the world, including Mexico, go with NordVPN

Happy watching!

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