Explained Top 8 Benefits Of A VPN On iPhone

benefits of a VPN on iPhone

We know that iPhones come with stringent security measures, but it would be wrong to say that the security layer can’t be breached by any cyber threats.

So, how can we be more secure on the iPhone in terms of cyber security concerns?

Well, VPN is the prime solution, and here in this round-up, we have mentioned a few benefits of a VPN on iPhone, let’s check this out.

Top Benefits of a VPN on iPhone

1. It Allows You to Access Geo-Restricted Contents

When any content is not accessible because of the geographical location of the user, it is known as geo-restriction. Let’s say, you belong to the USA and want to watch the shows available on Netflix UK, you won’t be able to do it normally. Moreover, some streaming services are only accessible for a particular region, such as HBO Max is available for the US only.

Here, VPNs make the path easier for you, as VPNs can easily bypass any geo-restriction by connecting to other countries servers. It opens a new world of entertainment for iPhone users, as the streaming provider detects the user as a local one and grants access to all contents of their region.

2. It Makes a Tunnel to Use Restricted Applications

There are many applications that you cannot access in the school or office premises, it’s because schools and offices put a limitation on internet usage. Also, they use firewalls in networks that prevent users from accessing certain websites.

However, VPN can help you to access those restricted applications. It creates a tunnel through the firewall security and grants you access to all the blocked contents. As your internet traffic data will be encrypted, your online activity remains anonymous.

Check out the best VPNs that work at school.

3. It Gets You Exciting Deals on Products or Services

When you visit a website for shopping purposes, let’s suppose you want to buy a shoe. You must have noticed that the price of that shoe increases suddenly when you refresh that page. This is a trick used by the company that forces you to take an immediate decision on purchasing that product.

However, a site can only fluctuate the price of any product when they get your cookies and IP addresses and by using VPN, you can mitigate this problem. A VPN hides your IP address, spoofs your identity, and prevents any website from collecting your data. In a nutshell, by using VPNs on iPhone you can save some cash while shopping online, and it is one of the major benefits of a VPN on iPhone.

4. It Provides an Additional Security Layer for Online Banking

Online banking contains many sensitive data that need extra protection, that’s why online banking comes with top-notch security. Cybercriminals find it a daunting task to breach the multiple levels of security of online banking. 

It is obvious that the services and applications of online banking are getting safer and more secure day by day, and getting out of reach from cybercriminals.

However, if you use any premium VPNs to access online banking on your iPhone, you will get an additional layer of security.

We recommend using NordVPN and SurfShark VPN, as they provide excellent speed and high-grade security. 

5. It Protects You from Unwanted Threats of Public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi’s freely available in Airports, Hotels, Malls, etc. There are no restrictions on the number of people using them, but they come with minimal security. It is possible that your online activities and sensitive pieces of information can be stolen by cybercriminals. 

Here, either you can use your cellular data, or you are left with no other options than the Public Wi-Fi, use it alongside VPN. Although there are many applications that claim to provide security for online data, it is always recommended to go with reliable VPNs. 

A VPN not only spoofs your identity, but it gives a plethora of security features for an iPhone user, as a result, your data will be safe and secured.

6. It Enhances Your Online Gaming Experience

Online gaming becomes more joyous when there is no obstacle to connection speed and lagging. Let’s suppose you love to play Battle Royale, here even a minimal lag can put your competitors ahead of you. If the normal network is lagging your game, try using VPNs on your iPhone.

A VPN will drastically reduce the ping and provide you with a smooth gaming experience. There are some VPN servers that can reduce the connection speed too, but you can select the closest gaming server to experience the thrilling connection speed. 

7. It Keeps You Away from Bandwidth Throttling

Some iPhone users use the internet heavily, and bandwidth throttling can be a serious issue for them. Bandwidth throttling is used by the internet service provider to slow down the internet speed of a particular user and provide a stable speed to everyone, using the network.

When you consume a lot of data from the internet, let’s suppose you’re downloading videos and large files, watching movies online, playing heavy-online games, etc. Then, your ISP tracks your activity and sets a limitation to your connection speed.

One of the major benefits of a VPN on iPhone is that it keeps bandwidth throttling away. It keeps your IP address anonymous so that the ISP can’t detect your internet activity. However, it is always recommended to use premium VPNs like NordVPN and SurfShark, since free VPNs don’t provide a decent connection speed.

8. It Can Bypass VoIP Restrictions

WhatsApp and Skype use VoIP technology which is helpful in calling all over the internet. VoIP technology is growing rapidly as the world is developing. This technology helps us in communicating with the person living far away from us, at a minimal cost. 

However, in countries like China and the United Arab Emirates, this service has been banned. No applications which are using VoIP technologies are accessible in those regions. A VPN is the prime solution that bypasses such restrictions easily. 

Still, you must use top-notch VPNs to bypass any restrictions implemented by the Government. So here, make sure you are using NordVPN or Surf Shark on your iPhone to tackle this dilemma.

Wrapping Up!

An iPhone is a device that is loaded with impeccable security features, and a VPN alongside makes the security system more powerful. Besides the security, it gives you access to explore the internet world freely with no restrictions around. Here, we have mentioned the benefits of a VPN on iPhone, and hopefully, it’s clear to you why VPN should be the utmost priority to secure your iPhone.


Does a VPN slow down the internet connection on your iPhone?

Yes, there are some servers that can slow down your internet speed, but to tackle this issue, you can opt for different servers. If the issue is not resolved yet, try using different VPNs that come with VPN server proximity and lightning-fast speed.

Is it necessary to use a VPN on an iPhone?

Well, it’s not necessary, but if you are a security freak, and have some sensitive information or data on your iPhone. Then, it is always recommended to use a VPN, to be on the safe side(Highly Recommend NordVPN). 

Should I keep the VPN active all the time on my iPhone?

When the VPN is providing you with an additional layer of security, then it is the best idea to keep the VPN always active on your phone.  

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